Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kohler’s Annual Birthday Trip

In our family Kohler has the unique distinction of having a birthday in the middle of summer vacation, right before the 4th of July Holiday. For the past two years I have taken the kids to the national park of Kohler’s choice as part of his Birthday present. Last year we went to Mt. Rushmore. This year Kohler decided to go to the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon 2009a_ 025

The canyon is amazing. As you walk up to the edge you suddenly see how gianormous the canyon is. You suddenly feel small and insignificant. There are places that you can stand at the edge of this enormous canyon where you can see the curvature of the Earth. You get an impression of just how big the world is. It is almost unfathomable.

Grand Canyon 2009_ 076

At first you do not feel safe standing at the edge. In many places the drop to the next step is not as far as it appears when you are further from the edge. Dylan and Kohler saw this right away. Sierra did not get close enough to the edge to see this until later. She could not understand why Dylan and Kohler were jumping around all over the place so close to the edge.  It took her hours to get enough courage to walk up and peek over. Even when the drop is not so far you still get the feeling of vertigo when you look up and out over the expansive canyon.

Grand Canyon 2009a_ 008

Sunset was the greatest. The canyon lit with a dizzying array of colors, tints, and hues. We were rained on. We were haled on. It was well worth the wait.

Copy of Grand Canyon 2009a_ 003

Kohler did NOT like it when the rain made it so his hair lost it’s fluff.

Grand Canyon 2009a_ 107

Sunset  was when Sierra finally got brave enough to go to the edge.

Grand Canyon 2009a_ 140

I LOVE the colors that come out at sunset. Skin tones are much more rich.

Grand Canyon 2009a_ 096

Even I looked okay with the canyon behind me.

Grand Canyon 2009a_ 142

Bothers and sister goofed off together as always

Grand Canyon 2009_ 066

We explored.

Grand Canyon 2009a_ 081

The park's architecture was impressive.

Grand Canyon 2009b_ 058

Thanks Kohler! It was another fantastic summer vacation.

Hmmmm. Where will you choose next year?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Rich in Beauty

I love to visit Alto do Mandu. This is the area where my fiancé lives.


Alto do Mandu is built on a hill and from this view you can acres of palm trees and heavens of blue skies with fluffy clouds. I love these steps that bring you right up to the house that my fiancĂ© lives in. The walls are covered in moss alive with scurries of geckos.  Sunsets from this vantage are breathtaking.

Alto do Mandu may not be the most wealthy neighborhood in Recife but it’s beauty is priceless.