Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10:10 Mini Movie - No Pressure - The left would like to dictate how we think

This movie / ad was well put together. Too bad it exposes how the left would like to limit original thought.

I guess that isn't any surprise.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wedding Announcement Fotos; Recife (almost a year ago)

I haven’t blogged for awhile. It seems that life has been going by very fast. I have had too many marvelous things happening all at once. I have also been back at school. This has created another outlet for my writing cravings. It left blogging low on the priority list. Then again… So many marvelous things have been happening. I need to get things journaled before I forget the details.

DSC_0137(playing downtown Recife)

The first important thing I want to remember happened in August. It had been months since my last visit to Recife to see my fiancée Cynthia. We felt that we might get our appointment to the embassy in Rio for the fiancée visa interview in November. We wanted a trip in-between because it was so difficult to be away from each other. We planned a great trip. A few days in Recife and a few days in our favorite beach town Porto de Galinhas.

In Recife we spent effort trying to find the perfect foto for our wedding announcements.

DSC_0250(a date at the temple)

DSC_0490 (a serious attempt at a wedding announcement foto)

DSC_0530(a not so serious attempt at a wedding announcement foto)

DSC_0532(another not so serious attempt)

DSC_0537(a view at sunset)



DSC_0704(one of my favorites)

DSC_0712(another favorite)

brasil_2009_ 292(at Porto de Galinhas we tried more wedding announcement fotos)


We have been married now for 4 months. Its a true joy to look back at what we wanted to be our wedding announcement fotos.