Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Grew Up 5 Miles from this Spot

washington 2008 193_a_b

I grew up only 5 miles from this spot but 2 weeks ago on a trip back to visit my parents was the first time that I was able to see something like this. Before I left Washington 7 years ago, a buddy and I would go to Boulevard Park in Bellingham for lunch and watch whales. We would often see them in August and September there in Bellingham Bay. Even then I couldn't imagine seeing one with Mt. Baker in the background. It was truly a remarkable moment. One that I will treasure always.


Amy said...

Hoorraaaay! Now that you are on blogger I can post about all your interesting trips! I love this picture of the whale I think you should submit it to an art show or something!

Ernest Pratt said...

Amy! You are sooo nice! There is a reason I like to share things with you. You always know what to say.