Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Mermaid and Me

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This experience was so much fun! I just HAVE to share it. Cynthia and I spent a few days in this very small beach town over Carnaval by ourselves.  The first day we were there we didn't bring the snorkel stuff because we wanted to take fotos and we were afraid that if we went swimming together and left our stuff at the beach, our stuff would get stolen. This was a pretty good bet. The beach was CROWDED for Carnaval.

On Monday I convinced Cynthia to only take stuff that we didn't mind to get stolen so that we could go snorkeling. I am pretty sure Cynthia didn't quite see what was going to be so wonderful. I have seen some cool things snorkeling before. I was excited to see what these reefs at Porto de Galinhas had to offer.  We went out soon after we got to the beach that morning.  Cynthia was a little bit apprehensive at first. I don't think she trusted herself as a swimmer.

Soon she got the hang of it. It turned out she did great. The fish were spectacular.

There were many fish and all kinds of spectacular colors. Bright yellows. Bright blues. There some red fish, and some brightly colored orange and cream striped fish.   sometimes we would be swimming along and suddenly there would be schools of thousands of fish right below us as far as we could see. It was unbelievable.

As long as I was holding her hand or had my hand on her back Cynthia was willing to keep going. 

When she started seeing the fish she got more excited that I did. It became incredibly fun to watch. If I saw a fish I would quickly look at Cynthia to see if she saw it also. I would hear her squeal with glee... and she would point. She would get so excited it became more fun for me to watch her that it was for me to watch the fish.

We swam until we feared we were getting sun-burned.  there was a part of the reef way off in the distance where many boats were. I thought it would be fun to swim out there and see the fish out there.  But it was very very far. I think Cynthia was nervous about swimming out so far away from the beach. But she really enjoyed snorkeling and she really enjoyed the fish. I was proud of her.

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The next day we went snorkeling again. This time Cynthia was much more brave. We swam out to those boats that Cynthia is pointing at and we swam back. IT WAS FANTASTIC.  We even swam past the firemen on the wave-runners telling other swimmers to go back because they were not swimming very well. 

Snorkeling will be something we certainly do again.


Emily said...

You daredevils You know your mom wouldn't be happy about this!

Cynthia Reis said...

I can say it was such a great experience together. I was afraid swiming and doing what i have never done before. But Ernie was more companior than a dangerous. I fear and his patience didn't prevented me drinking some "nice" watter, hehehehe, but make me trust myself and be open to learn how swiming that way. I also asked him to hold my hans so we could go together. The fishes and its beauty amazed me, but when i look and saw him by my side... WOW!!! It was much better than the sea beauty. There, was the man who I love so much, to protect me (trust me), to teach me and have fun with me even though under the sea :)
Yeah... we went a little far, but we weren't far enough to need firemen helps, I guess. That experience gave me an extra knowledge:
In a relationship we should motivate our spouse, companior, to overcome his or her fears, we should be patience with his or her limits and respect their decision, they'll choose what to do. We cannot be impatience if our companior doesn't have the knowledge that we do or if he or she can't see the life with the same perspective that we do. Ernie was a great companior in that occasion and i'm proud of him. Thanks Love.

Ernest Pratt said...

Emily... You have no idea how funny your comment is.

To catch Cynthia up... Do you remember Whatcom Falls? This is the place that I talk about in Bellingham where you go jump off the cliffs into the river below.
Emily was teasing us because my mom would say how stupid we are for going to Whatcom Falls.

Emily... For the last couple of weeks Cynthia and I have been talking about how fun it will be to have a trip up to Washington, and I talk about all of the stuff I want to show her. Each time I also bring up Whatcom Falls. The last time we talked about it Cynthia said... "I don't want to even see that place. Why would you go and do that. It's not fun to go jump off a cliff."

It reminded me of something mom would say. :)

Ernest Pratt said...

I LOVE your comments here. I believe what you say. It is important to be patient with your spouse and let them make thier own choices. We should motivate and encourage, but we should temper that with patience. It was a great experience. Let's do it again soon.

Amy said...

I am so impressed, with you two, the fish and the gorgeous views! I need a vacation seeing how beautiful that sight is makes me want to hop on a plane now!

吉珍 said...

It is so pretty down there! And your mermaid, isn't she gorgeous? You two are so in love with each other, anyone can easily tell from the pictures.

Ernest Pratt said...
Emily and Amy! Brasil is a great place for a vacation. Cynthia and I would go with you.