Saturday, April 11, 2009

DanBings for Breakfast

Lately I’ve been paying Sierra to scan old fotos of my mission etc…

Some of the fotos that really brought back a bunch of memories were from my first area in HuaLien County. We went to the same place for breakfast every morning. It was my first exposure to Chinese breakfasts. I had never considered Chinese food for breakfast before, and I was reluctant to try it my first morning in Taiwan. It was AMAZING! One of the things I liked most mornings were DanBing and DoJiang cold. Dan Bing translates as egg cookie. DoJiang is simply soymilk. I missed soymilk so much when I got back to the United States that I made it myself from scratch several times. I’m so grateful that I can walk into any grocery store now and find it. The plain stuff is almost the same as what we drank in Taiwan.

Since scanning those fotos I have been craving DanBings. To my surprise my kids love them. Kohler was afraid to try them last weekend. Today he asked for them! I was happy to oblige his wish this morning.

Here is how I made them.

#1 You start with green onions and you chop them up finely.

easter_2009_ 001easter_2009_ 002

#2  You beat 2 eggs. I use egg beaters. They are better for you and you don’t have to beat them. Then stir in the chopped onions. To make it authentic add some white pepper. (some people don’t like white pepper. I LOVE IT!)

easter_2009_ 003

#3 I use two frying pans this makes it much easier. Heat them both up on the stove with a little oil or a spray of PAM.  You can use spring roll wraps or the raw tortillas from Costco. Lightly fry one side of the wrap.

easter_2009_ 004

#4 In the other pan pour the egg-onion mixture.

easter_2009_ 005 easter_2009_ 006

#5 Place the wrap fried side down on top of the cooking egg mixture.

easter_2009_ 007

#6 When the egg starts to firm up flip both the egg and the wrap into the other pan.

easter_2009_ 008

#7 When the wrap starts to brown fold it in thirds.

easter_2009_ 009

#8 Cut it into bite sized strips.

easter_2009_ 010

#9 Dress it with chili paste and soy sauce.

easter_2009_ 011

#10 Finally watch your kids gobble them up. Sorry Kohl, I should have taken another foto, your eyes are a little funny in this foto. But you CAN tell that you enjoy it.

easter_2009_ 012


Clay and Katy said...

Oh those look yummy!!!!!!

吉珍 said...

You should start an "Ernie's Kitchen" section here and share all of your collection of gourmet recipes. :) Your dan bing looked so yummy... I am going to make myself some now.

Happy Easter, my friend!

Cynthia Reis said...

Gostosinho, it looks yummy and i want try it when i be there!
I`ll show you my skills too, do not worry ;)

Jaren.Rencher said...

You are my hero.
I know what I'm having for breakfast this weekend.
Thanks a ton!

Ernest Pratt said...

Yeah... I think we'll have it for breakfast this weekend also!