Monday, November 2, 2009

Arizona Gothic

So Kohler picks up the hot-dog fork and says… Hey lets make a picture like that one painting. We could have worked a little harder at copying. We were working from memory.

camping_2009 018



Helga said...

Awesome!!! Man Christmas in AZ must be awesome WITHOUT snow!!! hahahahh :) How was Halloween? I want to see Cynthia!

Ernest Pratt said...

You wanna see Cynthia? I WANNA SEE CYNTHIA :)

I think I will see her sooner than you will though. I'm the LUCKIEST!

We'll see how Christmas is without snow. In Washington Christmas with snow was magical. It would be nice if there was snow on Christmas day here in AZ and then back to the 90's ;) that would be AWESOME! I would then think that AZ was the most magic place on Earth.

Clay and Katy said...

Love it!!

And yes, you will see us for Thanksgiving!!! We are flying out for the week and cant wait to see everyone!!!! Clay is brushing up on his Portuguese!!!

Ernest Pratt said...


sea gull lighting fixtures said...

So funny!