Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I am not certain that I am spelling this correctly at all. I am spelling it the way I heard it. I am new to Portuguese someday perhaps I will know. Maybe Clay or Cynthia will help me out here. I will correct it when I find out how to REALLY spell it.Paralelepipedo is the cobblestone that make up many of the streets in Brazil. This word is very fun to say. Try to say it with me:

pah - dah - leh - leh - pee - PEH - doo

brasil_2008_ 310

It is much more fun to say than it is to walk on. I found myself tripping very often. It was not just me either. I saw many Brazilians trip on the cobblestone everyday, just as I was doing. I started to think it was funny.

The cobblestone was nice to look at. It really added an extra level of atmosphere. Recifé was unique to the cities that I have seen all over the world. Recifé would not have been Recifé without the palm trees, the coconut milk stands, the colorful buildings, the people sitting outside their homes at night talking and laughing, and yes... Recifé would not have been Recifé without the cobblestone streets... the paralelepipedo.

brasil_2008_ 299a

I have been thinking of all of the ways that I could blog my trip to Brazil. My heart has been filled with a richness for the past few months as time led up to my trip. I felt I was already in love before I left.

Certainly I have found love in Brazil... it was beyond all of my dreams of what love could be. No one wants to read about this though.

I have been finding peace in my life for awhile now. I have been CHOOSING happiness. I could be happy going alone but I have longed for a relationship with a woman that I could love, adore, and cherish. Life without someone to share it with lacks richness... Life without a companion lacks color.

I believe that I am in the type of relationship now that I have always longed for. One where I am comfortable to be me. One where my companion will be comfortable to be her, one where we are both genuine. This is magic.

But I thought people would enjoy reading about paralelepipedo more than anything else. So that is what I wrote about.


Heidi said...

I think Id just have to shorten that to "pee-pee-doo" or I'd never remember it all. MMMM...sounds like you are in love. It's such an amazing feeling. Nothing like it!

Clay and Katy said...

I detest the cobblestones of Brazil! (no offense Cynthia) Since returning from Brazil my feet have never been the same. Glad you enjoyed your trip. I would love to go down Recife and then go over to Manaus. Brazil is an amazing place.

Lisa Johnson said...

I would love to visit Brazil! Greg went there, Chris' brother... he loved it!
Cobblestones are cool... so glad you are choosing happiness!

Ernest Pratt said...

I am estatic that I may HAVE to vacation in Brazil for forever now. :)

Cynthia Reis said...

Love, I'm so glad about your vocation in Brazil for forever. We should care of your feet then ;)
Love you

Cynthia Reis said...
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Cynthia Reis said...

and b4 i forget, the correct spell is Paralelepipedo, ok?

Ernest Pratt said...

Thanks! I will fix this as soon as possible. Clay! I was relying on you to make me look good!