Saturday, November 8, 2008

Brazil for Christmas

brasil_2008_ 569

To most people it will seem that I just got back from Brazil.

I did not get close to enough of it when I was there in October. I have had a concern about what to do for Christmas. I have not considered Brazil because Delta® doesn't fly to Recifé until December 21st. I thought for certain that I would not be able to afford a Skymiles® seat on Delta's maiden voyage to Recifé. I looked it up last week, and I COULD afford it. I booked the tickets and I will be with the girl I love for Christmas!

I am so excited!


Cynthia Reis said...

I'm so glad with the present i'll receive this Christmas. I couldn't expect that i could have you here!!!!!! I'm so glad about that!!!!!!!!!

Ernest Pratt said...

It's a wonderful present for me also!