Monday, October 19, 2009

Rich in Beauty

I love to visit Alto do Mandu. This is the area where my fiancé lives.


Alto do Mandu is built on a hill and from this view you can acres of palm trees and heavens of blue skies with fluffy clouds. I love these steps that bring you right up to the house that my fiancé lives in. The walls are covered in moss alive with scurries of geckos.  Sunsets from this vantage are breathtaking.

Alto do Mandu may not be the most wealthy neighborhood in Recife but it’s beauty is priceless.


Cynthia Reis said...

In Alto do Mandu i wrote most of the pages of my life... Here i faced the hard time after my father die. Here i learned how to live with less then i thought was necessary, learned how to do magic with few things and opportunities keeping me alive as well as my humor. Here some missionaries came to preach me the Gospel and make me acept. Here live most of the people from my mom`s side, many cousins... Alto do Mandu is the place where i grow up where i learned how to be a responsible adult... here i could choose the right when lots of bad things were so easy to find and to do. Here i decided i would do better then the circunstancies motivated me.

I loved this post, Ernie. Thanks.

Ernest Pratt said...

Yes. The beauty of Alto do Mandu is not only visual. There is a spirit to the place. It's beauty is experienced and felt. The beauty that make up Alto do Mandu is the rich history in stories that may never told. ;)
I love you Honeyzinha!

Helga said...

Alto do Mandu ROCKS!!! And the bus that takes us there too :) One of the best bus lines in Recife :)

Rockin Rowe's said...

Man! You have the life! I would love to visit the places you have visited. Lets plan a trip next year so I can see those wonderful places! Brett

Ernest Pratt said...

It's amazing watching those buses on those small narrow streets.

Okay Brett! Let's Go!